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  • Q.W was involved in a fight with another woman in an apartment complex. Ms. Williams faced a potential of 20 years in prison; however, after a week long trial, the a Fulton County Jury found that Ms. Williams acted in self-defense and returned a not guilty verdict.

  • Mr. R.S was charged with attempted car jacking. Our defense at trial was mistaken identity and poor police investigation. After a week long trial, a Dekalb County Jury returned a not guilty verdict as to all counts.

  • S.H was charged with trafficking cocaine and possession of cocaine. Due to the large quantity of cocaine, he faced upward 25 years in prison if convicted. After trial, a Fulton County Jury did not believe that Samuel was a party to the crime of trafficking cocaine and found him not guilty; however, Mr. Hollis was convicted of a lesser offense of possession of cocaine and his sentence was commuted to time served.

  • D.H was charged with armed robbery and other offenses where if convicted he would have faced a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years to life. After several days of trial, a Fulton County Jury acquitted Mr. Harden of armed robbery and the other offenses.

  • J.D was involved in an unfortunate vehicular homicide case occurring on Interstate 285. After several days of trial, a Dekalb County Jury concluded that Mr. Dolphin did not cause the accident which unfortunately took the life of another driver. Despite the testimony of several police officers and another driver, the Jury acquitted Mr. Dolphin of vehicular homicide and failure to maintain lane.

  • J.G was charged with conspiracy to traffic several kilos of cocaine. After a week long trial, a Gwinnett County Jury found Mr. Griffith not guilty.

  • J.P was charged with DUI and disregarding a traffic device. Mr. Pope performed a breathalyzer test and a field sobriety evaluation. However, at trial, the defense called into question the accuracy and reliability of the breath test results, which ultimately convinced a Fulton County Jury to acquit Mr. Pope of all charges. He was found not guilty.

  • K.L was charged with trafficking cocaine alleging that he discarded a large quantity of cocaine from his vehicle prior to his traffic stop. After a careful and precise cross examination of all the State's witnesses a Dekalb County Jury found Mr. Logan not guilty of trafficking cocaine wherein he faced upwards of 25 years in prison as a recidivist.

  • On February 26, 2015, V.S was charged with aggravated assault, alleging that he physically assaulted and choked his live in girlfriend, who also filed a TPO (protective order) against him. At the TPO hearing, the alleged victim was revealed that she was dishonest as to the events. Mr. Seals sat in a Clayton County jail for several weeks before getting a bond. After the TPO hearing, we provided the District Attorney with a certified copy of the TPO hearing transcript. Mr. Seals felony aggravated assault charge along with transcript and the detectives testimony was presented to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury returned a No Bill and Mr. Seal's aggravated assault charge was dismissed and his criminal record restricted (expunged).

  • A.M was charged with trafficking cocaine, meth, and tampering with evidence. A sifting cross examination of the State's police officer was done at the preliminary hearing, the case was bound over to the District Attorney office. After reviewing the file and the preliminary hearing transcript, the DeKalb D.A.'s office dismissed all felony charges. Mr. Muhammad's arrest for the charges have been expunged on his criminal history.